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Frequently Asked Questions

Are mobile devices supported?

Yes! You can find the mobile app in your respective app store or access WD via mobile.

Is web-based screenwriting viable for professional screenwriters?

Absolutely… with WriterDuet. Other screenwriting websites gave web apps a bad name, falling far below the standard serious writers require. WriterDuet changes that, with a browser-based experience that makes your screenwriting app an extension of your creative mind. If you love the interface but would prefer the traditional, totally offline, file-based desktop software experience, check out WriterSolo at writersolo.com. It's free, and yet it's better than anything else out there.

What browser do you recommend?

Many browsers are supported by WriterDuet, but Chrome is by far the best in terms of speed and features it supports.

Are page counts the same on various devices, PDF formats, and print?

WriterDuet will keep your page count consistent across all views.

Do you support TV formats and stageplays?

Both TV formats and stageplays are supported. From the hamburger menu (just above your Portfolio), select Format > Document Template > Default Templates.

How secure is my work?

WriterDuet uses SSL security and generates random access codes to each of your collaborators. You control who sees your scripts through requests and guest codes.

How can I import/export my script?

From the hamburger menu (just above your Portfolio), select File > Import> or File > Export Document. We support a wide range of file types, including (PDF, FDX, Word, Celtx, and more).

Does WriterDuet own my documents?

You retain all rights of your documents and grant WriterDuet permission to share scripts at your request.

How are files saved?

We auto-save all changes on our servers, and you can backup copies to Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, and your computer.

Does WriterDuet work offline?

Yes! With WriterDuet Pro, you can seamlessly write with or without an Internet connection. When you’re online, your script will automatically sync.

Do revisions have * indicators?

Yes. View changes via the calendar icon or revision list, then print or download a PDF.

Are the Pro & Free versions compatible?

Totally. Pro writers will have access to more features within a script they’re collaborating on versus a Free user, but Pro and Free users can seamlessly collaborate. Only Pro users can send invites, but anyone can join a script invitation link.

What should I do if I’m having trouble with the software?

First, check out our troubleshooting tips. If that doesn’t solve your problem, please email help@writerduet.com with any detail you can provide (operating system/device, app/browser, what steps you have taken, and where you are hitting a stopping point).